Water Wealth Hell On Earth

by Megaton Leviathan

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the full album digital download of the long out of print Water Wealth Hell On Earth

Per Julian Cope:

And while we’re still lummoxing about in the psychic Down-in-it, let’s next celebrate the release of WATER WEALTH HELL ON EARTH, the epic debut from American Sludge-Trudgemeisters Megaton Leviathan, whose glorious and seemingly perpetual permafrost meditations invade your living space from the moment the needle hits the deck. Chiming with elliptical single chords, buzzing with post-Khanate seismic percussion blasts, this band’s music exists at all times at a huge ritualistic level that occupies the kind of doom headspace that Spacemen Three would have hit had they substituted their Velvets drone fixations with satanic B. Sabbath riffery. Released on Féretro Records theirs is a monumental sound fer shit-damn-sure, and one which has me spinning this disc again and again. Best moments of all are surely the 33-minute closer ‘A Slow Death in D Minor’, whose circular stumblings alone merit the purchase of this fine fucker. So be sure you check out this essential dose of Mung Worship, and/or salute the aforementched druids . It’s a beautiful thang!


released October 8, 2010

Andrew James Costa Reuscher



all rights reserved


Megaton Leviathan Portland, Oregon

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